In the last decade, intentional communities have emerged, seeking connection across fields and borders to explore a culture of change and action. This gave rise to the most exciting and rapidly evolving social experiments of our time: Burning Man, Davos, Hive, Kairos, Sandbox, Schusterman REALITY, Summit, WEF Global Shapers...

However, members of our communities still work in silos,
limiting our collective impact and potential.

It is time to work together.

We are proposing a neutral platform to activate our collective wisdom — the hive brainpower —

Transcending borders and cultures, we propose an ecosystem for enlightened minds to boldly and collectively meet the adventures, challenges and transformations that lie ahead.

Photo by Kyle Kesterson, Box of Light

Photo by Kyle Kesterson, Box of Light

We explore the evolution of human culture through deep, intimate and transformational gatherings; hand-picking inspiring global leaders to gather and connect through experiences that combine work and play.

These gatherings act as serendipity catalysts to discuss, innovate and collaborate on the fundamental issues of our time.

Let’s create the new operating system for human culture.

"Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.”
—  Da Vinci